Take corporate treasury to the next level

Working capital and predictable cash flow is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. To manage key financial metrics such as days payable outstanding, days sales outstanding, the cash conversion cycle, and counterparts risk, businesses rely on a countless number of service providers and financial institutions.

To do this, they use financing techniques such as receivables discounting, factoring, supply chain finance, pre-export finance, inventory financing, and many more.


Marco Polo supports corporate treasury

Today, the financial and IT systems used to implement and perform these financing techniques are antiquated, disconnected, and manual intensive. In addition, in most cases, the corporates ERP, is disconnected from the technology systems of the financial institutions on which corporates depend for financing. This injects significant cost, risk, and friction into every process for all parties involved.

The Marco Polo Network offers a game-changing alternative and makes it possible to access multiple funding options directly within the ERP system.

Benefits for corporates:

Connectivity & visibility
Easily connect to global trade participants such as banks, logistics providers or insurers, in a secure and automated way via open APIs and/or through Corda Blockchain Technology. Permission and real-time visibility into a single source of truth for trade data provide trust and eliminate costly delays and reconciliation processes.

Seamless integration
You only require one integration point to connect and transact with businesses on the network. The solution is compatible with your existing systems, so there is no need to change or integrate into various platforms. This dramatically reduces the cost of connection and eliminates one of the biggest barriers to entry.

First embedded ERP App
Managing multi-bank trade finance and working capital activities globally thanks to the first ERP-embedded trade and working capital finance App to create, run and optimise programs directly within your ERP system.

Robust process automation
Create, manage, and automate complex, multi-party trade and working capital finance orchestrations and enable end-to-end automation from an application accessed through a single interface and system – the core of any business, its ERP.

Control & risk mitigation
Manage critical working capital financing and risk mitigation centrally, without the need to change existing processes or carry out long, expensive implementations. Optimise key financial metrics including days payable outstanding, days sales outstanding, working capital, cash conversion cycle, and counterparts risk.

Capture & leverage data
Capture valuable data, and leverage AI and machine learning to automate decisions and gain powerful insights on your trade and working capital activities. Aggregate and standardise data across global business units and siloed internal systems to drive interoperability of trade systems and increase treasury performance.

The Marco Polo Network. Global impact on your working capital

The Marco Polo Network allows you to access on-demand pre- and post-shipment financing and risk mitigation solutions from your banking partners. Financing is provided at critical points in the trade lifecycle from a single interface, in a fully integrated and highly automated fashion. You simply download the Marco Polo Network ERP App to connect to the platform. This allows you to manage receivables and/or payables solutions directly within your ERP system.

Users are able to engage in trade finance transactions via a user-friendly interface and improve their productivity thanks to automated processes, rules and workflows. The Marco Polo Network facilitates the storage of trade data securely on the blockchain.

As a result, you retain control and can easily share digital assets on a permission basis with your trading partners. The secure and distributed set-up enabled by blockchain technology allows you to improve bookkeeping, identity management, asset verification and tracking. Learn more about the Marco Polo Network Solutions.