Superior trade finance solutions and user experience

Most banks have focused their digital strategy efforts on retail banking services over the past years. Their customers have embraced the speed and intuitiveness of these services and are now expecting similar experiences in commercial and corporate banking.

Join the Marco Polo Network to become part of building the trade finance and working capital solutions your customers need.


Trade finance technology: Doing more with less

The current financial and IT systems that support global trade are ageing, siloed, and manual intensive. They inject cost, risk and inefficiencies into every step in the process. New technologies in the Marco Polo Network allow financial institutions to dramatically cut integration and operational costs, eliminate operational friction, reduce fraud and compliance risk. Just as importantly, the Marco Polo Network opens up new revenue streams with efficient scale for banks with superior customer experience.

By introducing new technologies such as APIs, members of the Marco Polo Network can easily integrate with both their internal and external systems. All while blockchain technology reduces the risk and cost of trade financing by providing trusted asset access that allows financial institutions superior audit and compliance through the provision of a forensic audit trail as well as improved transparency and the tracking of trade assets.

Benefits: Trade process automation

• Create, manage and automate complex, multi-party trade finance orchestrations from a single interface.

• Control eligibility criteria, financing logic, data processing rules, workflow steps, and more.

• Drive automation and reduce operational friction by digitising and standardising trade agreements using smart-contracts.

• Leverage modular, microservice-based architecture providing flexibility and ability to customise solutions.

Benefits: Growth & improved offerings

• Connect easily to new origination sources and build secure data pipelines to pools of financeable assets.

• Test, and deploy solutions rapidly and cost efficiently to retain and grow client base thanks to a superior user experience.

• Offer tools like APIs and SDKs (Software Development Kits) to external parties and leverage data and business assets to create new revenue streams.

• Provide clients with rapid, targeted pre- and post-shipment financing, trade services, and risk mitigation.

Benefits: Superior connectivity

• Integrate with B2B networks, trade platforms, data providers, and ERPs thanks to APIs and data translators.

• Embed financing capabilities directly into ERPs, B2B networks and e-invoicing providers to simplify access.

• Take advantage of machine-to-machine interactions, where no new portal is required to transact with clients.

• Facilitate interoperability between disconnected trade systems and networks through the use of open APIs and blockchain technology.

Benefits: Improved Risk and Compliance

• Collect forensic audit trail of all state changes, events, and transactions you’re involved in across the network.

• Implement “compliance-up-front” using smart-contracts and integrate into existing risk management and compliance services.

• Enable the convergence of data from physical, informational, and financial supply chains and analyse it in real-time.

• Gain visibility into a single source of granular, structured, and verified trade data across internal and external systems.