Join Marco Polo and drive innovation in trade and working capital finance

By joining the Marco Polo Network, you become part of the most groundbreaking innovation in trade finance. Our members guide the impending evolution of the industry impacting and benefiting the entire trade ecosystem. Taking the lead and joining this growing network also allows you to be amongst the first to drive efficiencies within your organisations and seize more business opportunities.

Statistic Source: Trade Tech – A New Age for Trade and Supply Chain Finance, World Economic Forum and Bain & Company, September 2018

Angela Koll
Senior Product Manager for Trade and Supply Chain Finance & Innovation, Commerzbank

Why you should join today

Shape the future of trade finance and working capital solutions – The rapid growth of the Marco Polo Network is driven by the sector’s confidence that a transformation is taking place. It is led by financial institutions, corporates, technology providers and the wider ecosystem including insurers and logistics companies who want to have their say in developments that will significantly impact the entire market.

Be an early adopter and gain a competitive advantage – The Marco Polo Network provides the optimal environment to get familiar with and integrate cutting-edge technologies like blockchain. As a member, you can test automated processes, rules and workflows, and start leveraging new trade solutions immediately. Guided by experienced technology and trade finance professionals and working alongside leading financial institutions, you and your organisation can acquire the necessary expertise and integrate these innovations faster.

Statistic Source: ‘Navigating uncertainty: PwC’s annual Working Capital Study 2018/19’

Mirka Skrzypczak
Head of Working Capital & Trade Products at Royal Bank of Scotland

How to join the Marco Polo Network

When joining the Network, you can choose to participate in all activities or focus only on specific needs. As a member, you can move at your own pace with the support of the technology providers and other participants. Packages include the hosting of the platform, Corda Node, training and support.

Similarly, service providers are connected to the Network and supported throughout. They get the opportunity to partake in many tests and pilots in collaboration with existing and new business partners.

To learn more about the Marco Polo Network and discuss how your organisation could get involved, get in touch. Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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