Offer your solutions to the Marco Polo Network

Marco Polo is the fastest growing and largest trade finance network, connecting financial institutions, their corporate clients as well as technology and service providers around the world. It is a collaborative, flexible and global network benefitting the entire trade ecosystem.


Connecting to the global trade ecosystem

Global trade is the engine of the world economy and relies on a large number of varied parties. Today, many organisations still operate in silos, not by choice but due to constraints that are limiting their growth and the range of solutions they could deliver to their clients and partners.

The Marco Polo Network works collaboratively to address some of the biggest challenges preventing better penetration into the trade finance market.

A lack of connectivity, of standards and even the integration requirements to interact with each other, are all issues the members of the network are committed to solving. We’re already developing the infrastructure, technology and an environment where participants such as service providers can create and seize more business opportunities.