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Marco Polo Trade Finance Initiative


Marco Polo is offering solutions for financial institutions to optimise their trade finance practices. Marco Polo is the collaborative project umbrella supporting the delivery of:

Competitive space providing differentiation by using the TIX platform to test, pilot and manage open account trade finance orchestrations.

Collaborative space creating interoperable network governed by banks and open sourced powered by open APIs and R3’s Corda blockchain platform.

Marco Polo will deliver the production of three open account trade finance orchestrations in Q4 2018, enabling participating banks to connect seamlessly with their trade finance customers and partners to transact. The trade finance orchestrations will include:

  • Receivables Finance / Factoring
  • Accounts Payable Finance / Supply Chain Finance
  • Risk Mitigation


Marco Polo Trade Finance Initiative

TIX Platform

The TIX Platform is provided by TradeIX and is licensed to banks. The TIX platform runs in the cloud and includes trade finance applications for trade orchestrations, pilots and POCs. Each member of Marco Polo can decide if they want to develop their trade orchestration themselves or use the TIX Platform.

The TIX Platform offers the following four components to Marco Polo members:

TIX Apps: TIX Apps are dedicated open account trade finance applications for both internal and external client facing solutions. These applications are focusing on receivable finance and payable finance solutions for corporates as well as applications for banks and alternative funders to finance and distribute these trade assets.

TIX Developer: It provides Application Programming Interfaces APIs, SDKs (software development kits) and microservices for developers within the Marco Polo Network. It integrates seamlessly with UTN, other systems, entities and service providers. TIX Developer also allows Marco Polo members to build and deploy their own trade finance applications, test prototypes, smart-contracts, query and validate critical financial data, contracts, identities, and assets.

TIX Composer: It allows to create and manage rules, logic and conditions for trade finance transactions used in TIX Apps. TIX Composer can be used for onboarding of trading partners, credit underwriting, pricing assets, payments, credit and risk management, asset distribution across the trade ecosystem. It provides the world’s first graphical interface for the creation and management of trade finance smart-contracts.

TIX Core: It is powered by the R3 Corda Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and provides secure, distributed data storage and bookkeeping, execution of complex business logic, automated contract enforcement, identity management, asset verification and tracking.

Marco Polo Trade Finance Initiative

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Marco Polo Trade Finance Initiative


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